Add value to your Pharmacy by getting the lease ready for sale.

When considering selling your pharmacy, one area that is constantly overlooked or certainly misunderstood is your lease.

Top Three Pre-Sale Leasing Mistakes

  1. Telling the Landlord (Agent) you are thinking of selling
  2. Planning to sell thinking you will let the Purchaser to negotiate on the lease
  3. Not preparing your lease ready for sale

The Landlord should be the last person to learn you are selling and ideally only find out when an application for a lease assignment is made.

Why, because when the Landlord learns you are selling, they perceive this as a lease event and want a slice of your value.

And never leave the negotiations of the lease to the Purchaser and the Landlord as the result of their collaboration is going to reflect in your final sale price.

It’s your Pharmacy and your lease never give over control of your right over some else’s (Landlords) land.

Just like getting your accounts, financials, stock holding and presentation ready before you list, do the same with your lease.

If your Lease has less than 5 to 7 years (including options) before expiring the Purchaser is going to need a longer period to amortise the capital without drastically reducing your sale price.

Creating an event like a mini refurb, freshening up the signage or re-financing etc. is a great opportunity to go to the Landlord seeking the term be extended to fund same, without of course letting on you are planning to sell.

Even if this is only an inexpensive program the value you add to your sale price by underlining the good will of the Pharmacy with the right lease term is compounding.

Pharmacy Solutions can arrange a FREE no obligation “Retail Lease Health Check” which will provide not only benchmarking of the lease performance but valuable recommendations to get the most out of your Lease.

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(Phil Chapman is Aust. #1 Authority on Retailer Leasing and Director of an endorser Goldcross service provider.)