At Pharmacy Solutions we have always maintained our complete independence from other avenues of revenue associated with the sale of business. There are so many potential conflicts that we have decided it is best to concentrate on one element of the sale process – the one we do best – selling a client’s pharmacy for the highest possible price.

Is a wholesaler selling your business really able to achieve the best price or are they just happy to find a purchaser that is going to maintain their wholesaling business?  Is an accountant selling a pharmacy from one client to another in a conflicted situation? Is this same accountant, doing due diligence and/or a valuation for the purchaser, receiving a fee from the financier of the business – obviously a clear conflict.

There are so many potential conflicts that could impact on the performance of the person handling the sale of your business. I would strongly suggest that before you entrust anyone to sell your major asset, you ask some hard questions of them and their organisation.

At Pharmacy Solutions we can recommend the leading legal, accounting and financial service providers in all states. These firms are not aligned to us in any way, but from our experience we believe they offer excellent levels of service.

Pharmacy Solutions is proud we maintain complete independence and our only focus is to ensure we get you the best result possible. We are happy to provide references from both those we have sold for, and those who have purchased a business through us. If you are thinking of selling please give me a call.

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Peter Marshall
Managing Director, Pharmacy Solutions Australia
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