Thanks to a new website and the readily available technology we are all using every day, you can have one. In fact, your customers can now see a doctor in their lounge room, their office, or while they are out and about by visiting Doctors on Demand

Doctors on Demand

The rapidly evolving technology industry and improved access to internet services is producing a shift in the traditional doctor-patient relationship. Busy time poor professionals, working families and longer working lives are making it harder and harder for the general population to consult with their GP. However, the eHealth revolution is helping transform modern medical services into convenience based, consumer driven models that enable patients to function more like a customer, with the ability to choose when and how they communicate with a doctor.

Doctors on Demand is a website and mobile App that provides users with access to an online Medical Centre. Patients can book an immediate video-consultation, or ‘Telehealth” appointment with any of our doctors who are online or request a video appointment with any of our doctors who are offline. All the user requires to access our service is a webcam enabled computer, tablet or mobile phone. Patients pay $60 for a 15-minute video-consultation, which is roughly the same as the out of pocket expense incurred by a general patient consulting with an “in rooms” doctor, without the need for taking time off work, parking and sitting in a waiting room.

QuickScript is another convenient service offered by Doctors on Demand for $25 that allows users to request a repeat prescription for their regular ongoing medication by simply completing an online questionnaire.  The system is also engineered to be inclusive of all doctors and all pharmacies so that patients can register their regular GP and preferred pharmacy details to collect any prescriptions.

The developers created the site after witnessing the difficulty rural and remote patients have in accessing primary healthcare services. Their goal is to make health care more accessible and provide the ultimate patient experience by using technology to remove some of the traditional barriers that separate patients from doctors.

Doctors on Demand is a “Win-Win- Win” Service

Benefits to Patients

  • Patients have a platform to either consult with a doctor via video-appointment or request a refill prescription for an ongoing medicine online;
  • Convenient and time saving for those that find it difficult to make it to the doctor or their doctor is unavailable when they are; and
  • Improved health outcomes. Not missing doses or going without medicine (e.g. asthma preventers, heart medication) because of difficulty making time for an appointment.

Benefits to Pharmacies

  • Helps retain loyalty by providing a convenient way for your customers to see a doctor and an efficient way for them to easily maintain ongoing supply of their regular medications with the prescription guaranteed to come back to your pharmacy;
  • A great service you can refer your customers to as a solution to when they are requesting an owing script, or presenting with an expired script;

Benefits to Doctors

  • Doctors can publish their availability to speak to patients Australia wide not just their local area.
  • They can go online when they have a gap in physical appointments or want to work from home.
  • The doctor gets to action the Quickscript requests at a convenient time to them and free up space in their appointment book to see more physical patients.

Contact us today to find out more about how your pharmacy can be involved in offering this great service to both your customers and local doctors. Become a registered pharmacy on our site today and drive new customers into your store.

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